Interventional Radiology and Imaging-Guided Intervention at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Pictured: Stephen B. Solomon

Stephen B. Solomon, MD: Chief, Interventional Radiology Service

Dear Colleagues:

With our inaugural issue of the Interventional Oncology Update we hope to provide you with the latest information about the Interventional Radiology Service and the Imaging-Guided Intervention Program at Memorial Sloan Kettering. You will also find brief articles on technical and clinical advances in interventional oncology that may be of interest to you and your patients.

We have 15 fellowship-trained interventional radiologists and three fellowship-trained neuroradiologists. Each year we perform approximately 12,000 imaging-guided procedures covering the full spectrum of diagnostic, therapeutic, and palliative interventional oncology.

We are supported by a dedicated team of nurse practitioners, radiology assistants, nurses, technologists, anesthesia providers, administrative personnel, and researchers who help to ensure that we provide outstanding patient care while advancing research in clinical outcomes, new technology and tools, radiation safety, and basic physiology related to interventional oncology. In addition to our independent research, we collaborate extensively with other services at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

Our full-time outpatient clinic allows for pre-procedure consultations, scheduling for procedures performed in our operating rooms, and post-procedure follow-up.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to refer patients who might benefit from our expertise.

Stephen B. Solomon, MD
Chief, Interventional Radiology Service