PET-Guided Biopsies


In 2009, a team from India described the use of PET in three patients to help improve the accuracy of percutaneous fine needle aspiration cytology. (1) In 2011, investigators from Boston described their experience using PET for abdominal biopsy. (2) They noted that using PET to guide procedures allows targeting of lesions that have no cross-sectional imaging correlate, and may also allow targeting of the most viable regions of a tumor.

And this September, I spoke about PET-guided interventions at the national meeting of the Western Angiography Society, where I described the technologies in use at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

We are fortunate to have a dedicated interventional PET/CT machine in the Center for Image-Guided Interventions. We are working to minimize radiation doses to patients via both technology and new imaging agents such as zirconium-89, which gets introduced in to the body in low amounts.

Hypermetabolic liver lesion

Hypermetabolic liver lesion deep in segment VII with no CT correlate. PET-guided biopsy shows core needle traversing the hypermetabolic nodule.

PET-guided biopsy

PET-guided biopsy of a hypermetabolic nodule in the spleen with no CT correlate.