Melissa Pessin Named Chair of Laboratory Medicine

Melissa Pessin

Melissa Pessin

Melissa S. Pessin has joined Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as an attending physician and Chair of the Department of Laboratory Medicine (formerly called Clinical Laboratories). She succeeds Martin Fleischer, who had served as Chair since 2004 and continues in his role as Chief of the Clinical Chemistry Service. Dr. Pessin has also been appointed a Clinical Member in Memorial Sloan Kettering .

Dr. Pessin is recognized as a leader in the automation and efficiency of laboratory operations. Prior to joining Memorial Sloan Kettering, she served as Vice Chair for Operations in the Department of Pathology at Mount Sinai Medical Center, where she led the updating and replacement of the laboratory automation system. She has directed many laboratories, led consultation services in laboratory medicine, and is often called upon to share her expertise in the evaluation and implementation of new technologies.

Dr. Pessin obtained her MD and PhD degrees from the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and did her residency in pathology at the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Columbia University. She is board certified in clinical pathology and blood banking/transfusion medicine and is a fellow of both the College of American Pathologists and the American Society for Clinical Pathology.


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