Meet Gynecologic Cancer Surgeon Carol Brown


Gynecologic cancer surgeon Carol Brown discusses how doctors and nurses collaborate to care for patients, from diagnosis through lifelong follow-up.


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Is there any significant research going on there for adrenal cancer? I have a sister in stage 4 and it seems that there is no one working on this type of cancer. Do you have any information on this? All we hear is, enjoy the time you have left????

Thank you for your comment! We spoke with our adrenal cancer experts, and they would be happy to see your sister. If you would like to make an appointment, please call 800-525-2225. Dr. Diane Reidy says that there are therapies available to palliate and control this type of tumor.

Is there anything new for carcinoid tumors? I am currently on Sandostatin LAR.

Thank you for your comment. New treatments would depend on the location of your tumor, so it would be best for you to contact your physician to discuss this. If you would like to make an appointment with a Memorial Sloan-Kettering physician, please call 800-525-2225.

5 years ogo I had stage 1 breast cancer. My Doctor after surgery sent me for a catscan. The test showed I had stag 3c ovarian cancer. I had no clues!.Without that test I am sure that I would not have enjoyed the past 5 years. God bless you.

Dr. Carol Brown was my doctor when I was diagnosed with endometrian cancer at age 51. I will be turning 70 on January 14th...I will never forget her support, compassion and expertise through my surgery and recovery. Thank You, Dr. Brown.
Judith Willkomm

Dr. Brown-

I share your enthusiasm for the recently disclosed efficacy data on the HPV vaccine. However I noted in your CBS interview that you stated that "...HPV causes 70% of cervical cancers...."

That's not accurate. Infections caused by any of several HPV genotypes together cause nearly all cases of cervical cancer. The available vaccines theoretically are capable of preventing 70% of such cancers, because they specifically target two strains that together cause about 70% of cases.


Robert Rose
University of Rochester

I am based in Mumbai, India.
I have a patient ageed 52 years who has been diagonised as 20 cms ovarian malignancy with ascitis and left pleural effusion. The fluid has reveled adenoca cells. She is otherwise healthy and mobile and has been diagonised de-novo. I would appreciate your expert opinion regarding the dilemma of chemo first then debulking or surgical intervention first.

I propose to send the patient to you in New York so that she can get the best treatment under your expert guidance.