Memorial Sloan Kettering to Open New Outpatient Facility in New Jersey

Pictured: Monmouth Center

MSK “broke ground” on its new outpatient facility in Monmouth County, New Jersey, with a ceremony on September 18.

Memorial Sloan Kettering will further enhance its ability to offer top cancer care to more patients with the establishment of a new outpatient suburban location in Monmouth County, New Jersey. MSK Monmouth, scheduled to open in fall 2016, will offer comprehensive services delivered by MSK clinicians and other MSK healthcare professionals closer to home for patients who reside in the Jersey Shore area and beyond.

At a symbolic groundbreaking ceremony held on September 18, Richard Barakat, Deputy Physician-in-Chief for the Regional Care Network and the MSK Cancer Alliance, remarked, “As a leader in cancer research and treatment, we are acutely aware at Memorial Sloan Kettering that there is a growing need to reach more patients, to offer more pioneering clinical trials and treatments that are not available elsewhere, and to provide care closer to home that is exactly the same as patients would get if they were treated at any other MSK facility, including Manhattan.”

Serving a Large Patient Base

More than 6 percent of MSK’s patients live in the area served by the Monmouth site in Middletown, New Jersey, which includes Monmouth, Ocean, and Middlesex Counties. MSK Monmouth will reduce the need for many of these patients to travel into Manhattan by allowing them to receive all or a portion of their care at the new facility. Similar to MSK’s existing suburban outpatient treatment centers in Long Island, Westchester, New York, and Basking Ridge, New Jersey, MSK Monmouth is designed to meet the unique needs of cancer patients and their families by offering a wide variety of clinical and support services.

Clinical services will occupy about half the site and will include medical oncology, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, diagnostic and interventional radiology, surgical consultations, and ambulatory surgery — simple, low-risk procedures such as breast biopsies and colonoscopies. The facility will also offer access to clinical research trials, rehabilitation, social work, nutrition, and other support programs. The site will also house a new data center, allowing MSK to relocate its current Manhattan data center to Monmouth as MSK’s primary production data center. (MSK’s existing data center in Lyndhurst, New Jersey, will become the backup location.)

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Easing Care Before and After Surgery

“Our suburban campuses are extremely important for a lot of reasons — and one of them is that they offer a convenient point of access for the Memorial Sloan Kettering quality of care,” Dr. Barakat said. As an example, he pointed to the fact that patients will be able to see surgeons for consultations at MSK Monmouth, and that while most surgeries will still take place in Manhattan, “patients can conveniently complete all of their pre-surgery planning as well as their follow-up care much closer to home.”

Jessica Bruzzi, a Monmouth County patient treated for soft tissue sarcoma in 2012 by MSK surgeon Aimee Crago, spoke about the importance of this benefit. The weeks after surgery to remove her tumor were a struggle due to exhaustion, pain and limited mobility. Travelling to Manhattan from the Monmouth area made it “much more challenging for me to go to my follow-up appointments,” Bruzzi said. She continues to see Dr. Crago, as well as MSK dermatologic oncologist Elizabeth Quigley, who is at MSK’s Basking Ridge location. “The kind words and encouragement that I have received from my doctors have aided me in my overall healing,” she said.

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Enthusiastic Welcome

“Today is a great day for our community,” said Middletown Mayor Stephanie Murray. “The response from the residents upon hearing that MSK is moving in has been overwhelmingly positive and enthusiastic, and that’s due to the fact that the MSK brand is synonymous with elite care and cutting-edge technology and research in the cancer field worldwide.”

New Jersey Lieutenant Governor Kim Guadagno noted the large turnout of town, county, and state officials who came to show their enthusiasm for the new facility and their commitment to supporting its operation. “I doubt very much that there’s anyone in this room who doesn’t have some cancer story,” she said. “Everyone, I suspect, does, and that’s why it’s very important for us to welcome you here to Monmouth County.”

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Welcome to Middletown/Monmouth, MKSS! I am interested in learning how I might join the workforce and get involved in planning, design, and implementation of the data center part of the Middletown campus. I have more than 30 years experience in communications networking and broadcast/media industries and have completed assignments with MCI, AT&T and Olympics Broadcasting organizations producing the Athens 2004 Summer Games and Torino 2006 Winter games coverage. I would be pleased to hear how I should undertake to learn more about how I can contribute to MKSS in this new and exciting project.

Fred, thank you for reaching out. To learn about applying for jobs at Memorial Sloan Kettering, you can consult the careers area of our website:

Fred, we just heard from one of our HR specialists. In addition to checking our careers site, she recommends you join our talent community, which you can do from our careers page. She says, “When you join our talent community, link your social profile as we will be searching our community for people in the Middletown/Monmouth area as we start to recruit.”

Will do, many thanks !!

This will be touted like the Basking Ridge location as a "convenience" to NJ residents. But, patients need to know that the "convenience" costs $234 for "clinic use," which insurance does not cover. That is on top of a $765 MD consult bill. It is not fair that patients are not informed beforehand of this extra charge.

Dear Elizabeth, thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have forwarded your concern to our billing department, who will contact you to discuss. This charge should be covered by your insurance (in many cases it is). We agree that those patients who aren’t covered for the charge should be informed beforehand, which is part of our billing practice, and we apologize for any inconvenience or frustration this has caused you. Thanks so much for letting us know.

Thank you for rectifying this situation and acknowledging that satellite offices should be billed the same as NYC office visits.

Our pleasure! We just tweeted you, but to clarify, the charge isn’t specific to our suburban outpatient locations. Manhattan patients may also be billed. Many patients will have the cost covered by insurance.

Will the new facility in Middletown offer the same outstanding physical therapy services that you now offer at your East 53rd St location in Manhattan?

Alan, thank you for your comment. Although everything is at an early stage, we are planning on having a rehab program at Middletown– it will not be as extensive as the 55th Street site (we don’t have rehab at 53rd Street; the 55th Street site is our main outpatient rehab gym/treatment program for all of MSK Manhattan, with the exception of the program at our Breast and Imaging Center on 66th St.), but at this time we are planning for lymphedema treatment as well as other physical therapy care.

I am an Art Therapist, to be, graduating from Pratt Institute's Creative Art Therapy program in May of 2015. I have piloted an Art Therapy program at the Unterberg Children's Hospital at Monmouth Medical Center for the past year and I am curious if you will be instilling an Art Therapy program into your new facility. If this will be a consideration how and to whom may I reach out to in order to express my interest in joining the Memorial Sloan Kettering team. Any information in regards to this would be greatly appreciated.

Continued success,

Alison, thank you for reaching out.

There currently is not an art therapy program planned for the Monmouth site, but the facility is 2 years away from opening so the program plan could conceivably change between now and then.

If you would like to keep updated on this, we suggest you go to the Careers section of the MSK site:

On the page you will see that if you join the Memorial Sloan Kettering Talent Community, you’ll can stay abreast of inside info on MSK job opportunities, particularly in your area of interest. So if a job opening did become available, you would become aware of it.

Thank you for your comment.

I was under the impression that this facility would be located at 200 Laurel Ave, in the old AT&T facility. However, it now seems to have an entirely different location at 480 red hill rd? is this correct and when exactly is this facility going to open?

Good Morning,
Is there a website with job postings for Montvale Nj location? Thank You So much

Thank you for reaching out. All MSK job listings, including for our regional outpatient centers, are on our main MSK job site at:

The Montvale location is expected to open sometime in 2016 so you can check periodically as the year later this year to see whether they have begun hiring.

Just found out about MSK Monmouth. Will there be a need for volunteer services? I am a retired MSKCC RN. I worked in Endoscopy & PSC. I live in Staten Island and have family in Middletown. Would love the opportunity!

Mary Pat, thank you for your interest in volunteering!

We typically don’t start with volunteers until a few weeks after opening (Monmouth’s opening is scheduled for fall 2016) so likely opportunities would be targeted to begin in Jan/Feb of 2017.

In the meantime, here is some information and the online application:

I am interested in finding out if the new MSK facility will have HR on site. I have been in HR for 15 years and would love the opportunity to work at MSK in Middletown.
Any info is helpful.

Dear Ann, unfortunately there will not be a Human Resources office available at that particular site. However, if you’d like to search for job opportunities that open up there (or in our other facilities) that match your skill set, please visit our careers site at Thanks for your comment.

I am a phlebotomist for 15 years. Wants to work in your new NJ location. Currently I am working in a well known diagnostics center for 7 years. I have experience with different types of patients including cancer patients,geriatrics, infants and children. Thanks.

Iffat, thank you for your interest in working at MSK. To find out about our job openings, including openings in New Jersey, you can go to We will be doing more hiring for our new New Jersey site when it gets closer to when we will open.

Me and my cousin are in the food service industry. We were wondering if when u open up in fall of 2016, if u will have job openings in the food service field at the Middletown location? When will u start hiring, if u do have openings?

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at MSK. We’re not actively hiring in this location yet but encourage you to join our online talent community and be the first to hear about opportunities as they become available. You can go to to register for notifications about new positions.

I am a physician that is fellowship trained in Breast Imaging. I did not see any postings on the mskcc career website for this position. will there be a need for new physicians in breast imaging at the Middletown site or will the breast imagers from NYC be covering this site?

Thank you for your interest in career opportunities at MSK. We encourage you to send your CV and letter of interest to Carrie Pfahl, Faculty Recruitment Manager at

Are you opening a satellite location in Fair Lawn, NJ?

Judi, thank you for your coment. As of now, there are no plans to open an MSK outpatient facility in or near Fair Lawn in the near future.

HI, I am a RN with several years outpatient oncology experience-a few at MSKCC in NYC. I live in the Middletown, NJ area now and I am wondering when they might begin hiring for this location? Thank you-Amy Mannino

Amy, thank you for your interest in career opportunities at MSK Monmouth - scheduled to open in late 2016. We’re not actively hiring but encourage you to join our online talent community and be the first to hear about opportunities as they become available. Be sure to select ’Opportunities in Monmouth County’ as you complete registration.

Can you tell me what type of facility you have in Montvale, NJ and its location?

Judy, thank you for reaching out. MSK does not currently have a facility in Montvale, but we are planning to open a new outpatient suburban location in Montvale, tentatively scheduled for the fall of 2017.

Someone said they thought you have a satellite office in Paramus or Ridgewiod, NJ?

I have received care over the years from Dr.Sha in your N.Y. location.Due to new market place insurance all n.j. plans are not allowed to be used outside n.j. so I can't see my Dr.Will my insurance be billed from new facility in n.j. inside state or threw n.y.billing.Will head and neck be treated in n.j.facility also

Please advise if you will be hiring admin staff to work on site in Middletown and when does MSK plan on interviewing for such role?

Ann, thank you for your interest in MSK. To find out about job openings, including at our upcoming location in New Jersey, you can go to

Are there any plan to do radiology procedures at the Montvale office. I been a radiology tech for over 23 yrs. I have X-RAY/CT/IR under my belt

Dear Randy, our facility in Montvale is not scheduled to open until 2017. We are expecting to open an facility in Middletown later this year.

To keep abreast of job opportunities, we suggest you go to the Careers section of the MSK site:

On the page you will see that if you join the Memorial Sloan Kettering Talent Community, you’ll can stay abreast of info on MSK job opportunities, particularly in your area of interest. So if a job opening did become available, you would become aware of it.

Thank you for your comment.

Hello, when will you begin posting jobs for your new Montvale, Nj location?
I live the area and as a community we are very excited to have a branch of MSKCC close to home.
Thank you.

Dear Yvette, thank you for your interest in joining MSK Bergen. We are not yet recruiting for MSK Bergen, but encourage you to join our online talent community to keep abreast of job opportunities there. Go to and select ’Future opportunities in Bergen’ to be notified when recruitment begins.

Thank you for your comment.

Do you plan on having a child life program at this new facility? I would be very interested in a child life specialist position at the new location. As of now there are no child life job opportunities listed and would be curious to see if some positions may open up closer to the opening of the new building.

Dear Erica, we do not offer pediatric cancer services outside of Manhattan. To keep abreast of job opportunities throughout MSK, we suggest you go to the Careers section of the MSK site at On the page you will see that if you join the Memorial Sloan Kettering Talent Community, you’ll can stay informed of info on MSK job openings, particularly in your area of interest.

Thank you for your comment.

I see there is a position listed under your Lyndhurst, NJ location for an IT Data Recovery Coordinator. However, when I attempt to locate this location, I can't find anything online. I always like to try and go to a particular person as a contact in HR to address my cover letter or at least an address location. Can someone help me. This appears to be have been posted yesterday and I am anxious to reply as soon as possible.

Dear Susan, we appreciate your interest in applying for a position at MSK. Please simply apply online and address your cover letter generally. The position you are referring to is located at our New Jersey Data Center in Lyndhurst, NJ. Thank you for reaching out to us.

I have applied on line, and also have joined your Talent Community. I live in Monmouth County, and have over 10 years of Recruiting and Human Resources experience in the health field, with impeccable references. I would be honored to be considered for an opportunity in Human Resources and/or Recruiting to help identify and on-board new talent for your organization.

Warm Regards,

Liz, thanks for your interest in MSK. Best wishes!

have you started interviewing for positions and are the salaries competitive to what you offer in the city

Dear Chris, thank you for your interest. We are committed to offering competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package to our employees.

Our new facility in Middletown, NJ (Monmouth County) is due to open in the Fall of 2016: To keep abreast of job opportunities throughout MSK, we suggest you go to the Careers section of the MSK site at On the page you will see that if you join the Memorial Sloan Kettering Talent Community, you’ll can stay informed of info on MSK job openings, particularly in your area of interest. There are a number of job postings already available for our Monmouth location.

Thank you for your comment.