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Memorial Sloan Kettering President Craig Thompson welcomes high school students

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At Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, one of our goals is to inspire future scientists and physicians. We accomplish this in part by fostering young people’s enthusiasm for science and by supporting secondary school science education.

In our annual seminar — Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research — leading scientists from Memorial Sloan Kettering discuss their work with high school students and science teachers. Students have an opportunity to interact with our investigators, ask questions, and learn about the latest advances in biomedical research.


Finding Needles in the Haystack

Physician-scientist Timothy Chan explains how genomics is helping researchers understand the biological processes that lead to cancer.


How Molecules Work to Make and Shape a Cell

Developmental biologist Mary Baylies explains that research on flies has helped to find the genes and mechanisms that drive muscle development.


Why We All Don't Get Cancer

Craig B. Thompson, President and CEO of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, discusses new ways to think about cancer and how cancer arises in human beings.


2009 Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research: Harold Varmus

Former Center President Harold Varmus introduces the speakers at a 2009 lecture for high school students.


How Imaging Techniques Play an Important Role in Cancer Drug Discovery as well as in Screening, Tumor Characterization, and Assessment of Treatment Responses

MRI expert Lawrence Schwartz discusses the role of imaging in the detection and staging of cancer and determining its response to treatment.


How Modern Genomic Techniques Can Be Used to Identify Novel Mutations in Human Cancers and to Develop Molecularly Targeted Therapies

Hematologist Ross Levine explains how genetic tools may help to develop new treatments for blood disorders.


2008 Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research: Harold Varmus

Former MSK President Harold Varmus tells students that cancer research today is focused on genetic mutations that change cell behavior and function.


2008 Major Trends in Modern Cancer Research: Q & A

Students ask MSKCC scientists questions about current cancer research topics, including the role of genetics in diagnosing cancer.


How Cell Division Plays a Central Role in Human Health and Disease

Molecular biologist Prasad Jallepalli describes normal cell division and explains how abnormal cell division can lead to cancer.


How Genetic Mutations Influence Cancer Risk and How Hereditary Predisposition Influences Cancer

Clinical genetics expert Kenneth Offit explains the role of genetic mutations in the development of cancer.