MSK Student Seminar Series

MSK Student Seminar Series

Office of Faculty Development
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The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) at Memorial Sloan Kettering sponsors student talks and lectures pertaining to cancer and related topics. Students at all educational levels (college, high school, post-baccalaureate, medical school, graduate school) are welcome to attend one or more of these seminars. Our goal is to share the expertise of MSK faculty with students, communicate the excitement of cancer research, and create a learning environment for students and staff at MSK.

These student lectures are presented throughout the year and may be viewed either in person or on the MSK YouTube Channel; all are free and open to the public. If you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us at or 212-639-5732.

Upcoming Programs of the MSK Student Seminar Series

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HPV Info

VIDEO | 01:39:00

HPV Vaccine: Not Just For Kids!

In this seminar, Dr. Abraham Aragones will discuss HPV, the HPV vaccine, and how increasing use of the vaccine can potentially wipe out cervical cancer and many head & neck and anal cancers. Come arm yourself with facts from an expert and help lead the fight to eradicate HPV-associated cancers.

Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students Info Session

VIDEO | 62:01

MSK Volunteer Opportunities for High School Students Info Session

Learn about MSK summer and school year volunteer opportunities for high school students, both in Manhattan and at our regional network sites. For more information, go to and search “Volunteer application.”

Dr. Jessica Scott

VIDEO | 59:29

From NASA to MSK: Exercise Oncology

In this introduction to the new field of exercise oncology, Dr. Jessica Scott will discuss her research examining how NASA’s countermeasures program may help to prevent or reverse multisystem toxicity after a diagnosis of cancer. (Presented on 11/28/18)

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Programs: MSK Information Session

VIDEO | 34:19

Summer 2019 Undergraduate Programs: MSK Information Session

Click to hear and learn about summer 2019 programs for college students at MSK and our neighboring institutions.

Ethical Issues in Health Care

VIDEO | 52:40

Introduction to Bioethics

In this talk, Louis Voigt, MD and Nessa Coyle, RN PhD talk about the ethical issues that arise when caring for patients. (Presented on 10/16/18)

Video: How the Immune System Can Be Manipulated to Control Cancer

VIDEO | 69:00

How the Immune System Can Be Manipulated to Control Cancer

In this talk, Dr. Postow talks about how the immune system can be harnessed to fight cancer. (Presented on 4/25/18)

Video: Talking to Patients with Cancer and their Families

VIDEO | 56:00

Talking to Patients with Cancer and their Families

Can healthcare providers learn skills that help them communicate with patients who have cancer and their families? In this talk, Drs. Banerjee and Parker describe MSK’s Communication Skills’ Training Program (Comskil) and discuss ways to enhance communication with patients and their loved ones. (Presented on 3/1/18)

VIDEO | 01:04

Language Barriers to Healthcare

Doctors may not always be fluent in a patient’s primary language. In this video, Dr. Diamond discusses language barriers to healthcare while highlighting available interpreting methods and her research on improving cancer care for patients with limited English proficiency. (Presented on 11/28/17)

VIDEO | 01:07

Health Disparities and Immigrant Populations

Health and healthcare disparities are differences in healthcare access and outcomes between population groups. Immigrants have a disproportionately high incidence and mortality from many diseases, including some cancers. In this talk, Dr. Aragones discusses the causes of health disparities in underserved immigrant populations and his research on solutions to alleviate these challenges. (Presented on 10/17/17)

VIDEO | 01:03

Preventing HPV-Driven Cancer: Increasing Vaccination Rates in Minority and Immigrant Populations

Human papillomavirus (HPV), the most common cause of sexually transmitted infection in the US, can lead to cancer of the cervix, anus, or oropharynx. The HPV vaccine reduces risk of HPV infection and could prevent more than 25,000 cases of cancer per year among US adolescents. In this talk, Dr. Aragones discusses HPV and his research on programs to increase vaccination rates, particularly among minority and immigrant populations most burdened by the disease. (Presented on 4/25/17)