Donald Armstrong Infectious Disease Rounds

The Donald Armstrong Infectious Disease Rounds have been conducted on a weekly basis since 1968. This program brings together infectious disease specialists from throughout New York City to discuss interesting and unusual cases in an “unknown diagnosis” format. In addition, it has served as a means by which citywide practitioners have alerted each other to new or unusual emerging pathogens. For example, AIDS was first discussed in 1979–1980 at this meeting, and — more recently — discussions have been held regarding management of pathogens of bioterrorism.

The conference is held from 4:00 to 6:00 pm on Mondays on a rotating basis at participating hospitals. Cases are presented by Infectious Diseases Service fellows. References to cases are given out at the end of the session. Interested attendees include infectious disease specialists, physicians-in-training, infection control practitioners, and people interested in public health. Any other interested parties are welcome to attend.

Fall 2015 Donald Armstrong Infectious Disease Rounds