Designing Basket Trials

Designing Basket Trials


Basket trials involve patients from multiple histologies expressing the same target and they have quick emerged as one of the most popular to develop precision medicine regimens. Since all patients express the same target and receive the same intervention there are efficiencies to be gained by allowing information sharing between baskets formed by histologies. This can either be done using a frequentist aggregation schema or through a Bayesian hierarchical model. Regardless of the choice of method for information sharing certain statistical issues need to be addressed in all basket trials. These include control of family-wise Type I error rate, definition of power under the multi-dimensional alternative space, and calibration of competing designs for a fair comparison.


Kristen Cunanan
Alexia Iasonos
Ronglai Shen
Colin Begg
Mithat Gonen


An efficient basket trial design.
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