General Internal Medicine Service

General Internal Medicine Service


The General Internal Medicine Service, led by Robert Sidlow, MD, MBA, is comprised of physicians trained and board-certified in internal medicine, with expertise at the intersection of cancer care and complex medical problems.

Our clinical mission is to provide skillful general medical care for patients throughout their cancer care journey, from high-risk screening and surveillance to cancer diagnosis, treatment, management, and cancer survivorship. Our services include:

  • Rapid workup of concerning symptoms or radiologic findings that could be associated with a cancer diagnosis.
  • Specialized care for patients and families with inherited genomic risks for cancer. This is provided by experts who are trained in both internal medicine and genetics.
  • Management of both acute and chronic medical conditions for patients undergoing cancer treatment.
  • Perioperative evaluation and management of cancer patients in both the ambulatory and hospital settings.
  • The care of cancer survivors who have medical complications resulting from their cancer treatment.

We are committed to compassionate, patient-centered medicine that emphasizes open communication and evidence-based clinical reasoning. We are honored to play an important role helping MSK cancer specialists provide the most cutting-edge and high-quality cancer care anywhere.

Programs supported by the General Internal Medicine Service

MSK CATCH: Expert advice on hereditary cancer syndromes

The General Internal Medicine Service runs the MSK CATCH (Comprehensive Assessment, Treatment, and Prevention of Cancers with Hereditary Predispositions) Clinic. MSK CATCH is for people living with elevated cancer risk due to inherited genetic variations. People with hereditary cancer predispositions are at high risk for cancer; our clinic provides comprehensive surveillance to help find cancer early when it’s easier to treat.

MSK Rapid Diagnosis Program

The MSK Rapid Diagnosis Program assists patients who suspect they have cancer or who identify a symptom or finding that is out of the ordinary and requires investigation. Some of the issues that patients may have include unexplained weight loss, unexplained changes in blood counts, jaundice, unexplained lumps or bumps, or abnormal imaging findings, such as lung nodules or abdominal masses. A thorough assessment by a General Internal Medicine physician is the first step in the evaluation.

Working with a broad team of experts in interventional radiology and pathology, we strive to rapidly establish the correct diagnosis and streamline the process to the correct MSK cancer specialist. If the patient does not have cancer, we will help with a referral to an appropriate non-cancer specialist or transition care back to a primary care provider. 

Meet our service members

Memorial Sloan Kettering physician Shuchi Agarwal
Shuchi Agarwal

Assistant Attending Physician

Shellie Gumbs

Medical Director, Rapid Diagnosis Program

Amsale Ketema

Attending Physician

Memorial Sloan Kettering medical geneticist & family medicine physician Alicia Latham
Alicia Latham

Medical Director, MSK-CATCH

Debra A. Mangino, DO
Debra A. Mangino

Clinical Director, Risk Assessment, Imaging, Surveillance & Education (RISE) Program

Anna R. Marcelli

Associate Attending Physician

Nirupa J. Raghunathan, MD
Nirupa J. Raghunathan

Director, Pediatric Integrative Medicine

Robert Sidlow, MD, MBA
Robert Sidlow

Interim Chief, General Internal Medicine Service; Director, Male BRCA Genetic Risk Program; Attending Physician

Adrienne Vincenzino, MD
Adrienne Vincenzino

Attending Physician

Deepti Zalavadia
Deepti Zalavadia

Assistant Attending Physician