Looking Ahead

Sahussapont Joseph Sirintrapun

Sahussapont Joseph Sirintrapun is part of a research team at MSK aimed at improving clinical practice by developing intelligent decision-support systems.

The Warren Alpert Center is designed to provide solutions — from the telepathology and telecytology services to artificial intelligence.

Computational pathology is driving the current revolution in pathology. A major advantage that follows from a digitized pathology laboratory is the ability to provide computer analysis in real time as a diagnostic aid. MSK researchers are building on the basis of other major successful machine-learning applications, such as autonomous spacecrafts and self-driving cars. These techniques enable machines to learn patterns from thousands of digital images and use these models to, for example, detect cancer, render computer-assisted diagnosis, and help quantify clinically relevant markers. Such decision-support systems not only automate cumbersome manual tasks but also help pathologists render more-reproducible and robust diagnostic data.

In addition, The Warren Alpert Center supports targeted recruitment of machine-learning and computational pathology faculty, and provides resources for digital and computational pathology research and training programs. Attracting top scientists and experienced researchers in the field of biomedical machine learning, deep learning, and artificial intelligence is key for all projects. MSK offers a unique research environment where highly skilled machine-learning experts and software engineers can apply their expertise to the medical field and contribute to an important cause: the fight against cancer. Our computational pathology postdoctoral education and training program offers students exposure to academic leaders in pathology and machine learning, experts in medical imaging, and the robust informatics team and infrastructure at MSK. These machine-learning researchers gain translational expertise in implementing decision-support systems in a clinical setting.

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