Our Appropriate Use Criteria


At MSK, we have long recognized that the use of medical imaging in cancer care requires guidelines and protocols tailored specifically to the needs of cancer patients. As part of our commitment to continually optimizing quality, safety and efficiency in all areas of cancer care, we are developing appropriate use criteria (AUC) for advanced imaging services across the MSK continuum of care:

  • Screening
  • Initial cancer detection/diagnosis
  • Therapeutic response assessment
  • Surveillance for tumor recurrence
  • Evaluation of complications of therapy
  • Evaluation of tumor related complications
  • Diagnosis of allied/associated conditions
  • Survivorship

Our Imaging Disease Management Teams (IDMTs) are charged with defining the AUC for specific clinical domains. While our initial focus is on the Priority Clinical Areas (PCAs) as defined by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), it is an on-going process to provide AUC for advanced diagnostic imaging related to the full range of clinical conditions most relevant to patients with cancer.

The IDMTs may endorse existing AUC when the evidence provided is consistent with MSK standards of care, clinically relevant, and valid for the cancer patient population. Where there are gaps, MSK will modify existing AUC or create new AUC as our IDMT members deem necessary. Each IDMT has autonomous governance, decision-making authority and accountability for the AUC developed, modified or endorsed by that team.

CMS Priority Clinical Area