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Clinical Council for Cancer Imaging

Our Clinical Council for Cancer Imaging (CCCI) serves as our steering committee and governing body, providing strategic oversight, direction and support for the Evidence-based Cancer Imaging Program. For further information, please contact [email protected].

Executive Sponsors
  • Lisa DeAngelis, MD
    Physician-in-Chief and Chief Medical Officer 
  • Christopher DeLuco
    VP, Revenue Cycle Mgmt & CPP, Clinical Practice-PBD
  • Judy Hagerty-Paglia
    SVP, Hospital Administration
  • Hedvig Hricak, MD, PhD
    Chair, Radiology
  • Aaron Begue
    VP, Advanced Practice Providers
  • Juliana Belelieu
    Director, Federal Policy & State Legislative Affairs
  • Derrick Chan
    Manager, Enterprise Change Management
  • Andrew Chua
    Senior Project Manager, Content Development
  • Kenny Deepnarine
    Senior Data Analyst
  • Richard Kinh Gian Do, MD, PhD
    Attending, Radiology; Chair, Radiology Reporting Committee
  • Donna Gibson, MLS
    Director, Library Services
  • Kendra Godwin, MLIS
    Research Informationist, Liaison for ECIP
  • Mithat Gönen, PhD
    Chief, Biostatistics Service
  • David Gorman
    Senior Financial Manager, Radiology
  • Gloria Guman
    Program Manager
    Director, Radiology Strategic Projects
  • Jonathan Gurman
    Senior Manager, Clinical Systems
  • Gregory Jordan
    Senior Manager, Information Systems
  • Suzanne Kelson
    VP, Health Informatics
  • Jessica Kennington, JD, MPH
    Manager, Strategic Partnerships
  • Deborah Korenstein, MD
    Chief, General Internal Medicine Service
  • Heather Lisbon-McGrath
    Director, Training and Compliance, Main Campus Outpatient
  • Steven C. Martin, MD
    Vice Chair, Quality, Safety & Medical Operations
  • Christa Mathew
    Project Coordinator
  • Brenda Maxworthy
    Director, Radiology Systems, Radiology
  • Shireene McMillan
    Project Manager, Operational Impacts
  • Robin Moulder
    Senior Manager, Quality & Safety
  • Ada Muellner
    Editor, Radiology
  • Karen Roberts
    Senior Director, Hospital Operations Solutions, Main Campus Outpatient
  • Kent Sepkowitz, MD
    Deputy Physician in Chief, Quality & Safety
  • Nathaniel Swinburne, MD
    Interim Chief, Radiology Imaging Informatics
  • Robin Walsh
    VP, Patient Financial Services
  • Christina Ward
    Director, Health Informatics
  • Everett L. Weiss, MD
    Assoc. Chief Health Informatics Officer, Innovations, Health Informatics
  • Ramin Khorasani, MD, MPH
    Vice Chair, Department of Radiology
    Distinguished Chair, Medical Informatics
    Director, Center for Evidence-Based Imaging
    Brigham and Women’s Hospital
    Chair, Governing Council, Harvard Library of Evidence
    Professor of Radiology, Harvard Medical School
MSK Library

Imaging Disease Management Teams

Our Imaging Disease Management Teams (IDMT) bring together medical experts from across MSK, including radiologists, medical oncologists, and surgeons, to discuss the unique clinical scenarios they observe in our patient population. Examples of IDMT’s include the following:


Hip Pain, Shoulder Pain and Bone Pain (Bone Metastasis)

Neuro-Oncology/Head and Neck


Low Back Pain and Cervical/Neck Pain


Cancer of Lung

Suspected Pulmonary Embolism

Coronary Artery Disease

Last updated on 12/15/2021