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Postdoc Career Outcomes

Since June 2014, the OCPD has actively tracked the career outcomes of our postdocs to understand how competitive our postdocs are on the job market and to adapt our programming to reflect the career paths that out trainees pursue.

As of February 2017, the overwhelming majority (93.6%) of our 374 MSK postdocs who finished their training after June 2014 are gainfully employed. The remaining postdocs are pursuing additional degrees (2.4%) or are still seeking new positions (4%).

Our postdocs have transitioned into academic, industry, clinical, and other (government, nonprofit, and startups/self-employed) careers. Of those who pursued academic positions, 40% became faculty, 33.3% pursued a second postdoc, 23.9% became full-time staff in a lab or core faculty, and 2.8% became an academic administrator. Regardless of career path, 98% of our trainees say that they are either conducting science research or must have an understanding of science to do their jobs.