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Workshops and Courses

We offer more than 50 workshops and courses per year, which are attended by 70% of our trainees. Our goal in each of these workshops is to help our trainees achieve their career goals.

These workshops and courses include:

Career Exploration Events

  • Roundtable networking events with MSK alumni who have transitioned into exciting careers
  • Webinars that explore career options outside of New York City
  • The Annual Tri-I Career Symposium
  • Site visits to companies that regularly hire our postdocs and students

Professional Development Events

  • Funding Your Postdoc Research
  • The Art of Science Communication
  • Communicating Your Science to a Lay Audience 
  • Networking for Scientists
  • Time and Project Management
  • Leadership for Scientists 101
  • Introduction to Undergraduate Science Teaching

Career Development Events

  • Transitioning to Research Independence Seminar Series
  • Mock Chalk Talks
  • The Nonacademic Job Search
  • Interviewing and Negotiating 101
  • Converting Your CV into a Resume