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Research Community Listserv

An email distribution list is maintained by the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs as a means for postdocs to circulate general queries or share information with each other. Postdocs, technicians, graduate students, and senior research scientists are automatically added to the list when they arrive at the institution. You may choose to unsubscribe to any or all of the lists. The lists are routinely used as a way to borrow reagents for experiments, display apartment sale items, and post job openings.

The Research Community List Server (RCLS) may be accessed either via the OneMSK Table of Contents or by typing “rcls” into your web browser on campus. Individuals who are not automatically subscribed to this list server may subscribe at the link above.

Contact the Administrator of the Office of Postdoctoral Affairs, Yaihara Santiago Fortis (, if you have any general questions about the RCLS. For technical questions, please contact Michael Val ( in SKI Research Computing.