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Housing FAQ

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1. How do I find out my apartment assignment?

After your department or sponsor has made your apartment request, you will be assigned an apartment based on availability, application date, apartment size, and other factors. The Housing Coordinator will make the assignment and notify your department. In turn, your department will inform you of the assignment. At that time, we’ll give you basic information (such as location and apartment number). After that you can call the Housing Office to make specific arrangements regarding your tenancy.

If you decline an apartment, your housing application will be closed. Any extenuating circumstances should be brought to the attention of the Housing Coordinator or your sponsor.

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2. If I haven’t been assigned an apartment, what do I do?

Apartment availability is limited and an apartment may not be available when you arrive. Please be assured that your application will remain active until an assignment is made or you or your department/sponsor indicates that you no longer require housing.

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3. Once I’ve been assigned an apartment, what do I need to do?

After you find out which building and apartment you have been assigned to, Housing Office personnel will provide you with basic information such as whom to contact in the building and when you can move in. You will need to make your own moving arrangements and ensure that they coincide with any building restrictions.

If you decline an apartment, your housing application will be closed. Any extenuating circumstances should be brought to the attention of the Housing Resource Coordinator or your sponsor.

You will also be asked to provide a security deposit in the amount of one month’s rent. You will need to provide this in the form of a money order or certified check payable to Memorial Sloan Kettering. If you have a United States Social Security number, your security deposit will be placed in your name in an interest-bearing account. If you do not have a United States Social Security number, your security deposit will be put into a noninterest-bearing account. Your security deposit is returnable when you vacate your apartment, provided that your apartment is left in the same condition you found it in when you moved in. It normally takes four to six weeks for the bank to return security deposits, so we recommend that you notify the Housing Office of your move-out date as soon as you know it.

You will also be asked to provide the first month’s rent, or a portion of that amount based on your move-in date, in the form of a personal check, money order, or certified check payable to Memorial Sloan Kettering. If you are on payroll and your salary is sufficient to make the rental payment, subsequent monthly rental payments will be made via payroll deduction. If you receive salary or funds from a source outside of the Memorial Sloan Kettering payroll, you will be invoiced for rent on a monthly basis. Specifics concerning your monthly rental payments can be obtained from the Housing Office.

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4. What is a “housing license”?

Your “housing license” stipulates the specific terms and conditions of your institutional housing arrangements — such as where you will reside, what your rent will be, general resident responsibilities, and the length of your stay, which is based upon your appointment at Memorial Sloan Kettering. We urge you to carefully review this important document. You are responsible for adhering to its stipulations. Please feel free to review the contents of your housing license with the Housing Office at the time of your occupancy and license signing.

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5. How do I get telephone, electric/gas, cable television, and Internet services?

As a housing resident, you are responsible for starting and stopping any and all of these services. You are also responsible for payment for these services. To begin or end these services, you can contact the following companies:

  • Telephone installation – Verizon, 212-890-2350
  • Gas and electric — Con Edison, 800-752-6633
  • Cable TV service — Time Warner, 212-674-9100

Depending on which building you will live in, the carriers of these services may vary; please check with the Housing Office to confirm. We recommend choosing either Verizon (DSL) or Time Warner (cable modem) for your Internet service. Satellite dishes are not permitted so we ask that residents refrain ordering from a provider with this type of service.

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6. What do I do if I need something repaired in my apartment?

If you need something repaired in your apartment, please contact or 212-639-3164 to arrange for the work to be done.

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7. What should I do in case of an emergency?

For maintenance emergencies (such as flood, severe electrical problem, or elevator breakdown), contact your superintendent or the Housing Office at 212-639-3164 or 212-639-7696 during regular business hours. If the emergency occurs after regular business hours, contact the page operator at 212-639-7886.

For all other emergencies requiring immediate urgent assistance (such as fire, medical, crime in progress), dial 911 for the local police, the fire department, or emergency medical services.

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8. What happens if I lose my keys or if I lock myself out?

The keys you received from the Housing Office upon your occupancy are your responsibility. If you lose them, immediately contact your superintendent or the Housing Office. If you lose your keys and/or are locked out of your apartment after business hours, you may contact your building’s superintendent or doorman for help entering your apartment. You may also contact the page operator at 212-639-7886 to receive assistance from on-call personnel.

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9. What do I do with my trash? How do I recycle my newspapers, cans, and bottles?

Please direct such questions to your building superintendent. Depending on the building where you reside, you will either dispose of your trash via a compactor chute located on your floor or you will walk your trash to a designated area. Most of our buildings are equipped with compactor chutes.

Each building has designated areas for recycling materials. Please check with the Housing Office or your superintendent to find out where the designated recycling area is in your building. New York City law requires the recycling of all newspapers, magazines, bottles, and cans. Information on New York City’s recycling laws is available in the Housing Office and will be posted in your building.

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10. Do the buildings have laundry facilities?

Laundry facilities are located in all institutional apartment buildings except 504 East 89th Street. Report any washer or dryer maintenance problems to the Housing Office or to the building superintendent.

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11. What do I need to do when I am moving out of my apartment?

You should contact the Housing Office as soon as you know you will be moving out. While this may be difficult in some cases, we ask that you inform the Housing Office at least four weeks in advance if possible. This will enable us to do several things:

  • Promptly and accurately put a stop to your payroll deduction or reconcile any outstanding balances to your account.
  • Request your security deposit back from the bank (this can take four to six weeks).
  • Plan for future use of the apartment on a timely basis.

Once you have provided the Housing Office with your move-out date, we will request a forwarding address and contact information in the event that we need to send your security deposit or other items after you have already left. Additionally, you need to inform your building superintendent of your move-out date to make sure that there are no restrictions on the date you have chosen — for example, scheduling conflicts may arise when other moves have been scheduled for that day or if your building has restrictions about weekend move-ins. Please also note that you will be responsible for canceling your utility, telephone, cable TV, and Internet services.

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12. Will termination of employment affect my housing accommodations?

Yes. Housing is only made available to eligible Center staff actively employed by the institution. When your appointment terminates, you will have up to ten days to vacate your apartment. You will be responsible for rental payment up to the day you vacate your apartment.

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13. How long may I reside in institutional housing?

Housing occupancy is limited to three years.

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14. Can the length of time in housing be extended?

Senior MSKCC administration will consider limited extensions, which are based upon needs related to childcare or schooling matters, medical conditions, or the need to closely match housing occupancy with the start date of a subsequent position.

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15. Why do I notice or hear of empty apartments but am informed that there are none available?

Vacant apartments are on hold for other institutional priorities.

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