As experienced by millions of people who arrive here from across the world, New York City is a thrilling place to live and work. However, finding affordable housing in the city can be a challenge.

To make your transition here as smooth as possible, Memorial Sloan Kettering offers incoming postdocs below-market-rate housing options in attractive residential buildings located near our main campus. All are located within walking distance or can be reached in a commute of less than 20 minutes. Our residential buildings are located on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and on Roosevelt Island.

Currently, our current term limit for postdocs who reside in MSK housing is three years.

Housing Assignments

If you have been offered a postdoctoral fellowship in one of our laboratories, your sponsor can submit a request for housing. Given the great demand for housing accommodations, we recommend that your request be submitted to the Housing Office as far in advance as possible.

Contact Information

If you have questions about the housing services we offer postdoctoral researchers, please call Residential Services at 212-639-7696 or 212-639-7697.