Caregiver Event: Using Nature's Gifts for Wellbeing


November is National Caregivers Month! 

The role of the caregiver is a complex one and the challenges facing the caregiver often go unrecognized. This is true more than ever during the COVID-19 pandemic. MSK wants to recognize and honor your support to those you care for. Please join us in recognizing YOUR hard work at any of our events!

Using Nature’s Gifts for Wellbeing

Sheila Felice, LCSW-R and Emily Baldwin, LMSW lead a workshop for caregivers using creativity and mindfulness to promote wellness. Take part in this opportunity to relax!

Presenters: Sheila Felice, LCSW-R, and Emily Baldwin, LMSW


This online program is for caregivers of MSK patients.

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All events will be held virtually via Zoom.


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