Clinical Trials: Why They Matter


Join this special online presentation from the Cancer Health Equity Research Program team at MSK to learn about clinical trials and why they matter.

Topics covered during the presentation include:

  • Types of clinical trials
  • A brief overview of federal regulations
  • Participating in a clinical trial
  • The informed consent process
  • How to find trials

Cancer Health Equity Research Program’s (CHERP) mission is to decrease cancer health disparities experienced by certain racial, ethnic and low-socioeconomic populations by expanding their access to clinical trials. CHERP has agreements with several local community hospitals, which allows us to easily open MSK studies with our partner sites and allows MSK to serve as the IRB-of-record. The CHERP team facilitates opening MSK studies with our partner sites. These partnerships allow us to offer some of MSK’s cutting-edge cancer clinical trials to a broader, more diverse patient population.

*Please note registration closes at 6:00 pm on May 28. 

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Kenya Vado, Research Project Associate

Shadai McMillan, Research Project Associate

Cancer Health Equity Research (CHERP) at MSK

Natasia Rodriguez, BSN, RN, BMTCN

Clinical Trials Nurse II, Adult Bone Marrow Transplant

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