Export Controls, International Collaborations, and the Sharing of Material


Please join the Tri-Institutional Community for presentations on United States Export Control Laws and their implications on international research collaborations. Presentations will include a basic overview of Export Control Laws, the institutional role, and the sharing of material.

Topics and Presenters

Shipping & Sharing Material – Environmental Health & Safety

Paul Zel, CHMM, RBP
Director, Environmental Health & Safety
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

James Crandall
Assistant Director of Environmental Health & Safety
Weill Cornell Medical College

Material Transfer and Sponsored Research

Amy Zier, MBA
Assistant Director of Grants & Contracts
Weill Cornell Medical College

Stephen Hunt
Pre-award Manager
Weill Cornell Medical College


This program is for the Tri-Institutional research community.

Date & Time(s)


Weill Cornell Medical College
Weill Greenberg Building
1305 York Avenue, 2nd Floor
New York, NY 10065



Tri-Institutional Collaboration Network

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