Free Skin Cancer Screenings


In honor of National Melanoma/ Skin Cancer Detection and Prevention Month, we are hosting free skin cancer screenings at various locations. Individuals at increased risk for skin cancer are most likely to benefit from screening. Risk factors for skin cancer include family history of melanoma (two or more blood relatives), multiple atypical moles, and numerous actinic keratoses (scaly patches of skin, gray to pink in color, on sun-exposed areas of the body). Skin cancer is the most common cancer, and the most curable when detected early. Take the time… not the chance.


This event is open to all*

Date & Time(s)


Thursday, May 9, 2019
MSK Basking Ridge
136 Mountain View Boulevard
Second Floor, Dermatology Suite
Basking Ridge, NJ
By appointment only. To make an appointment, call 908-542-3396
*MSK employees, established patients and those screened last year are excluded from the screenings at this location.* 

Friday, May 10, 2019
MSK Hauppauge
800 Veterans Memorial Highway
Second Floor
Hauppauge, NY
By appointment only. To make an appointment, call 631-863-5117



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