Latent Regression Graded Response Modeling for Linking SNPs with Chemobrain


The phrase “chemo brain” has been used by cancer survivors to describe losses in memory, concentration, and other neurocognitive functioning after chemotherapy. Evidence shows that the ApoE4 allele is associated with such losses.

We further extended our search to 42 other SNPs identified through candidate genes. A Latent Regression Graded Response Model (LRGRM) was carried out to link the SNPs to breast cancer survivors’ latent propensity to exhibit cognitive impairment after chemotherapy. The presentation will cover the theory, implementation (using R and WinBUGS), and an example application. We aim to provide enough practical information so that LRGRM is immediately usable in your own research.

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307 East 63rd Street, 3rd Floor Conference Room


Yuelin Li
Assistant Attending Biostatistician
Epidemiology and Biostatistics
Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center