Living with an Advanced Cancer: a Panel Discussion


As a result of advances in diagnostic techniques and treatments, people with advanced cancer can expect to live longer and with a better quality of life than ever before.  Despite such improvements, the diagnostic and treatment process can be stressful for individuals and families.  Managing treatment side effects and disease symptoms, dealing with disease uncertainty, contending with financial challenges, coping with the physical changes brought on by disease and treatment effects, and dealing with family dynamics are just a few of the possible issues that can arise over time.


This program is for people who have an advanced cancer, their family members, and friends.

Date & Time(s)


Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Rockefeller Research Laboratories -- Room RRL-101
430 East 67th Street
(between York and First Avenues)
New York, NY 10065


For more information, please call 646-888-5203 or 646-422-4658.


Department of Social Work


Panelists will include:
Rev. Jill M. Bowden, BCC, MDiv, MPA
Dr. Andrew J. Roth, Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences
2 patients