Women’s Long-Term Hodgkin’s Group (RLAC)


This is a support group for women who are long-term survivors of Hodgkin lymphoma that was treated in childhood or young adulthood. Discussion focuses on coping with the impact of long-term treatment effects on relationships, career, and daily life. This group is co-led by an oncology social worker and nurse.


Registration is open to MSK patients only.


Date & Time(s)


Annamma Abraham Kaba, LCSW
Roseann Tucci, RN, MSN, ANP

Registration Details

If you are new and would like to register, please complete the online form below. An MSK oncology social worker will contact you about your registration and conduct an assessment. Note: Due to the increased volume of requests, please allow up to 2 weeks for a social worker to connect with you. If you have already registered and received an assessment, you do not need to complete the online form below.

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