Making an Appointment

When you have been diagnosed with cancer, you should not have to worry about whether you’ll be able to get an appointment. 

The staff of the Bobst International Center provides timely and compassionate assistance to anyone diagnosed with cancer who would like to make an appointment with a Memorial Sloan Kettering doctor, but who is not a citizen of the United States or holder of a US Permanent Resident Card (“Green Card”).

We can also help arrange for a review of your medical records.

The First Steps

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1. Complete and submit our online appointment request form. Once we receive the form, one of our Guest Service Assistants will contact with you by phone or email to discuss the medical reports and other materials we need from you.

2. Provide your medical records and any pathology or radiology films. Please submit all documents in English. Sending documents in any language other than English will cause delay. We cannot translate documents, but we do offer a list of private translation services in New York that you may wish to use.

It typically takes three to five business days for us to review medical records. Following this review, we will schedule your appointment as soon as possible, usually within two to four weeks, depending on the availability of the doctor and the urgency of your condition.

3. Arrange for travel. If you need a visa letter to come to New York City for a consultation or treatment, we can help you. Please do not schedule travel or come to Memorial Sloan Kettering until one of our staff members has confirmed an appointment for you.

4. Make a deposit. A deposit is required before you have your first appointment with your Memorial Sloan Kettering doctor. The deposit typically covers the review of your medical information, your first visit, and any routine blood tests that are ordered. The exact amount will be determined once your appointment has been scheduled. Payment of the full deposit is required during registration.

Contact Us

Bobst International Center
160 East 53rd Street
Rockefeller Outpatient Pavilion, 11th floor
New York, NY 10022
Fax: 212-639-4938

Telephone: 212-639-4900 or toll-free 888-675-7722
Mon-Fri, 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, ET

From outside the United States, you can use AT&T Direct Access. First dial the access number for the country you are in, then 888-675-7722.