Requesting a Medical Records Review

Pictured: Gregory Riely (center) and colleagues

Patients from outside the United States who would like the medical opinion of a Memorial Sloan Kettering doctor but cannot travel to New York may request a medical records review.

While convenient, a medical records review has several important limitations:

  • For patients on active chemotherapy or radiation therapy, we encourage you to complete the course of care before seeking an opinion.
  • It will be based on the extent, quality, and quantity of information we receive.
  • It does not include direct communication with a Memorial Sloan Kettering doctor.
  • We do not recommend a medical records review for patients who may need surgery. It is encouraged the patient request an appointment to be evaluated in person so we can determine the most appropriate plan of care.

How to Request a Review

1. Complete and submit our online services request form. Once we receive the form, one of our Guest Service Assistants will contact with you by phone or email to discuss the medical reports and other materials we need from you.

2. Provide your medical records as well as pathology and radiology films. Please submit all documents in English. Sending documents in any language other than English will cause delay. We cannot translate documents, but we do offer a list of private translation services in New York that you may wish to use.

3. After we receive all of your required medical information, we will call or email you to confirm your information, ask you some additional questions, and arrange payment.

4. We will forward your case to a Memorial Sloan Kettering doctor who will review the information and provide a medical opinion in a written report. We can send you a copy of the report by mail, email, or fax.

If you have questions about the recommendations provided in a medical records review, you should discuss them with your personal doctor. If you would like to speak further with our doctors after a records review, please work with us to make an appointment in New York.


The cost is US $2,500 for an initial review of records. A follow-up review costs US $2,000.

Contact Us

For more information a review of records by mail, you can also call us using AT&T Direct Access from outside the United States. First dial the access number for the country you are in, then 888-675-7722. From within the United States, call 212-639-4900 or toll-free 888-675-7722.