Patient Portal: MyMSK

Learn how to enroll in MyMSK, a secure website that enables you to access information about your care at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

MyMSK is a private, personalized online link to Memorial Sloan Kettering that you can use to securely access information about your care at any time.

To enroll, ask a session assistant in clinic to help you set up an account, or speak to your doctor’s office. You can also contact the Help Desk via email at or call 800-248-0593 or 646-227-2593.

Enrolling in MyMSK gives you the ability to see information about your care and communicate with us in several ways.

Access Your Medical Information

  • View your lab results — more than 300 types are available.
  • Look at your outpatient radiology reports (CT scans, PET scans, MRI, etc.).
  • Once your active treatment is over, view and print the Patient Treatment and Summary form that details the care you received from us.

See Your Appointments

  • Check and keep track of your upcoming appointments and review information about your previous appointments, going back as far as two years.
  • Confirm doctor visits and a variety of other appointments, and receive reminder notifications.
  • Request rescheduling of appointments.
Mobile MyMSK
Mobile MyMSK
The MyMSK app provides you a private and personalized online link to Memorial Sloan Kettering. Securely access information about your care here anytime, anywhere.
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Communicate with Your Doctor’s Office

You can send and receive secure, non-urgent messages (with attachments if needed) to and from your doctor’s office on a variety of topics, including:

  • prescription refills
  • test results
  • pre-certification for prescription medications
  • pre-certification for a variety of tests ( CT scans, PET scans, MRI, etc.)
  • pre-certification for the use of nutritional supplements
  • general questions

Communicate with Other Specialists at Memorial Sloan Kettering

You can send and receive secure, non-urgent messages (with attachments if needed) to and from other specialists and departments, such as:

  • billing
  • clinical genetics
  • patient representatives

Handle Billing

In addition to being able to send messages to the patient billing department, you can view information about:

  • hospital and physician billing
  • insurance authorization
  • your current hospital balance
  • your hospital statements
  • paying your hospital and physician bills online

Update Your Contact Information

  • Make changes to your contact information.
  • Make changes to your insurance information.

Use Educational Resources

  • Link to patient and caregiver educational materials from the Memorial Sloan Kettering Library.