Education Scholarships


The following is a list of resources survivors can use to find out more about education scholarships.

  • Children’s Cause for Cancer Advocacy - College Scholars Program

    Eligibility requirements — Applicants must be a childhood cancer survivor, submit a project proposal and completed application in addition to one letter of recommendation and transcripts. More information can be found at

  • FinAid Cancer Scholarships
    This site contains information about scholarships for cancer patients, cancer survivors, children of a cancer patient or survivor, students who lost a parent to cancer, and students pursuing careers in cancer treatment.
  • Patient Advocate Foundation
    Scholarships for Survivors Program

    Eligibility Requirements — Scholarships are available to students who are survivors of a life-threatening, chronic, or debilitating disease. Recipients must pursue a course of study that renders them immediately employable after receiving a two-year degree, four-year degree, or advanced-studies degree.

  • Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation of the United States

    Eligibility Requirements — Scholarships are available for students who have been diagnosed with a childhood brain and/or spinal cord tumor.

  • The SAMFund
    Surviving and Moving Forward

    Eligibility requirements — Applicants must be cancer survivors between the ages of 17 and 35 living in the United States.

  • SuperSibs! Scholarships

    Eligibility Requirements — Applicants must be graduating high school seniors who are siblings of a child with cancer, live in the United States, and planning to attend an accredited educational institution in the upcoming semester.

  • The Ulman Cancer Fund
    National College Scholarship Program

    Eligibility Requirements — Young adult cancer survivors and young adults who have been impacted by the cancer diagnosis of, or loss of, their parent are eligible for specific scholarships. The Matt Stauffer Memorial, Marilyn Yetso Memorial, Vera Yip Memorial, and Satola Family Scholarships are restricted to applicants who are either a permanent resident of Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia or, who are from another state, but are planning to attend an educational institution in Maryland, Virginia, or Washington, DC.