Survivorship & Follow-Up Care

All adult cancer survivors should have a Survivorship Care Plan that summarizes treatment and outlines a plan for your follow-up care. This is an important communication resource for you to share with all your other health care providers.

Once you’re done with active treatment for cancer, it’s important to see your doctor regularly for medical checkups to prevent, detect, and treat any complications resulting from having had or been treated for cancer. It’s also important to receive screening and surveillance for second cancers.

Ask your doctor to develop a Survivorship Care Plan with you that summarizes the cancer treatment you received and also outlines the medical guidance you’ll need as you transition to living beyond cancer.


  • See your doctor regularly to help you stay cancer-free and to address any long-term complications you might experience.
  • Get checked for additional cancers that might develop over time.
  • Ask your healthcare team to develop a Survivorship Care Plan customized for you.

Information on our services for survivors may be helpful to you regardless of where you’re being treated, as may the National Cancer Institute’s information on Follow-up Care After Cancer Treatment: Questions and Answers and the National Institutes of Health’s information on Life After Cancer: Follow-up Care.

Our Follow-Up Care

Our disease-specific adult survivorship clinics offer comprehensive services to people who’ve been treated for cancer at MSK.

While we anticipate that you will lead a healthy, active life, we recognize that you may develop problems as a result of having had and been treated for cancer. So in addition to regularly monitoring you for signs of cancer recurrence, we focus on identifying, preventing, and controlling any late or long-term effects of your cancer. 

Adult Survivors of Childhood Cancer
Learn about what we offer to adults who survived cancer in their childhood or young adulthood to help them stay cancer-free and as healthy as possible.
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Our specialized nurse practitioners care for more than 12,000 patients as part of a team that includes collaborating physicians, psychologists, and social workers. They monitor you for recurrence of cancer as well as:

  • review your recent medical history and do physical examinations
  • identify and manage the effects of cancer and its treatment
  • provide counseling on healthy living habits such as diet and exercise
  • refer you for screening for other cancers
  • connect you to other MSK physicians or outside experts if needed
  • communicate with your primary care physician

Don’t see a Survivorship Clinic specific to your cancer listed here? While we expand our clinics to help people with other types of cancer, your treating physician will provide you with survivorship care.

In addition to a Treatment Summary and Survivorship Care Plan, we’ll also give you guidance related to nutrition, exercise, and tobacco cessation.