Writing Program: Visible Ink

Pictured: Judith Kelman & Bill Nave

Visible Ink offers Memorial Sloan Kettering patients the opportunity to express themselves in writing with the individual support of an experienced writing mentor.

Our mission is to promote creativity, stress reduction, and personal empowerment for people diagnosed with cancer.

While Visible Ink operates under the aegis of MSK, our sole funding is through grants and donations. This program is free to participants.

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Writing by Participants

Participants in Visible Ink have produced more than 45,000 pages of written work, including essays, memoirs, fiction, articles, poetry, plays, personal journals, letters, and blogs.

Although many people choose to keep their writing private, works by Visible Ink participants have appeared in:

  • Visible Ink’s annual anthology (available for purchase)
  • Blogs, social media, and online publications (e.g., Salon and the Huffington Post)
  • Print publications, including Newsweek and the New York Times
  • Novels, self-help books, memoirs, and poetry chapbooks

Visible Ink Anthology and Live Staged Performance of Works by Patients

Staged performance of patient works
Annual Live Staged Performance of Works by Patients
Watch videos of the annual live staged performances featuring actors, singers, and dancers from television, film, and the Broadway stage.
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Each year, Visible Ink participants are invited to submit written works for potential publication in our anthology and/or inclusion in our annual live performance.

The staged reading features actors, singers, and dancers from television, film, and the Broadway stage.

The staged performance and anthology are designed to honor and celebrate our participants.

For more information, please contact:

Judith Kelman, Visible Ink Founder and Director
judithkelman@icloud.com or 212-535-3985

Caren Geberer, Associate Director

Gabriella Brand, Administrator
brandg@mskcc.org or 212-639-8624

Greg Kachejian, Artistic Director

Joining Visible Ink

If you are interested in becoming a patient participant or a volunteer mentor, please contact:

Judith Kelman, Founder and Director
judith.kelman@gmail.com or 212-535-3985

Gabriella Brand, Administrator
brandg@mskcc.org or 212-639-8624

Studies and Scientific Publications

To better understand the effects of expressive writing on participants, Visible Ink has forged partnerships with physicians and researchers in MSK’s Department of Psychiatry. We have a study in process and the following paper has been published:

Corner, et al. Visible Ink: A flexible and individually tailored writing intervention for cancer patients. Palliative and Supportive Care, 2013 Oct 21:1-8.