Ethics Committee


The mission of the Ethics Committee at Memorial Sloan Kettering is to serve our patients and their families by providing a forum for the analysis, discussion, and resolution of ethical issues that may arise during care. The Ethics Committee is comprised of physicians, nurses, hospital staff, patients and family members.

We serve in an advisory capacity to the physician-in-chief, clinical staff, administrators, patients, families, and others in making difficult medical decisions.

We fulfill that mission through education, consultation, case review, and policy development.


  • We provide on-call consultative services when a request is made by a patient, family member, or the healthcare team for assistance in resolving an ethical question or problem.

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Case Review

  • Our team responds to staff requests to discuss and analyze past ethical problems or issues that routinely come up during care.

Policy Development

  • The Ethics Committee serves as an advisory body to MSK’s Medical Board and others in reviewing and creating policies and guidelines concerning ethical issues in cancer care.
  • We identify federal and state regulations and policy guidelines that are relevant to bioethical issues and evaluate how or if they apply to cancer care at MSK.


  • We offer a comprehensive educational program in bioethics to select MSK staff and new members of the Ethics Committee.
  • The Ethics Committee works with departmental staff (in particular, Nursing and the Supportive Care Service) to develop case presentations about common ethical issues and problems that can arise during cancer care.