Dietary concerns are common among people with cancer. That’s why we offer all our patients the full support of our food and nutrition team, which is available to help you with their clinical and culinary expertise.

Our dietitians provide medical nutrition therapy to both adult and pediatric patients. Medical nutrition therapy can help with managing a variety of conditions, including digestion problems, changes in taste, and weight-gain or weight-loss management. Our dietitians work closely with your doctors to provide you with recommendations that are not only based on the latest in nutrition research, but personalized to the type of treatment you are receiving.

In addition, our dietitians collaborate with our culinary and hospitality staff to ensure that all your nutritional needs are being met while you are in our care. We can tailor our inpatient menus to accommodate more than 20 different types of specialized diets.

Our culinary team is also leading the way in changing the conversation about “hospital food.” Whether you are ordering inpatient room service or visiting our cafeteria at Memorial Hospital, you and your loved ones will have access to meals that are both nutritious and tasty.