Workshops for Healthcare Professionals

We have organized workshops for healthcare professionals to help them observe and learn from Memorial Sloan Kettering experts through our half-day and full-day workshops. You and your team can choose from a range of topics addressing all aspects of cancer care provision, from patient referrals to the evaluation and treatment of cancer, to the administrative side of delivering outstanding cancer care.

Requests are usually made 3 months in advance, as we need time to prepare and arrange for speakers. As we would need to invite speakers for this event, please confirm your varying interests that you would like to learn about. (Ex: Patient Flow, Tours, Communications, International Programs, Information Technology, Education, Regulatory, Financials, Nursing, Survivorship, Treatment Algorithms, and Human Resources)

There is a fee associated with these types of workshops, which will be determined at the time of inquiry. All prices are negotiable and contingent upon timing, number of guest lecturers, and discussion topics.

For more information about our workshops, please email