Clinical Clerkship in Psychiatric Oncology (PSY-142)


The student will study the diagnosis and management of common psychiatric syndromes and psychologic management of cancer patients in the context of work with patients seen by the Psychiatry Service staff. The student will also gain familiarity with liaison issues, problems of oncology staff in dealing with cancer patients, and an understanding of the hospital as a social system.

Prerequisites Other than Third Year Rotations

Psychiatry clerkship


One module

Students per Module

Maximum of one

Elective dates (students applying through VSAS should refer to calendar information there)

A (July 5 - July 29) (Closed to international students)
B (August 1 - August 26) (Closed to international students)
C (August 29 – September 23 (Closed to international students)
D (September 26 - October 21)
E (October 24 - November 18)
F (November 21 - December 16)
G (January 3 - January 27)
H (January 30 - February 24)
I (February 27 - March 24) (Closed to international students)
J (April 3 - April 28)
K (May 1 - May 26)