Clinical Dermatology - Hauppauge (M-103H)


Course Director:

Jennifer DeFazio, MD

This clinical elective in dermatology is exclusively offered at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Hauppauge, on Long Island. Medical students will work directly with clinicians, gaining knowledge in general dermatology and cutaneous cancer diagnosis and management. They will learn about the use of dermoscopy to aid clinical diagnosis. Students will also have structured time with the on-site Mohs surgeon as part of the clinical experience. There will be didactic sessions and recommended text review. The student will also attend departmental dermatology-pathology meetings, which involve discussion of interesting or complex cases. There will be opportunities to attend grand rounds, journal club, and lectures scheduled in participation with dermatology residents. For those interested in research, there will be ample opportunity to participate in a project.

Prerequisites Other than Third Year Rotations



Minimum of one module (four weeks)

Students per Module

Maximum of 1

Elective dates (students applying through VSAS should refer to calendar information there)

A (July 5 - July 29) (Closed to international students)
B (August 1 - August 26) (Closed to international students)
C (August 29 – September 23 (Closed to international students)
D (September 26 - October 21)
E (October 24 - November 18)
F (November 21 - December 16)
G (January 3 - January 27)
H (January 30 - February 24)
I (February 27 - March 24) (Closed to international students)
J (April 3 - April 28)
K (May 1 - May 26)
L (May 29 - June 23) (Students must receive permission to apply from the Medical Student Coordinator prior to submitting an application)


Elective Program Online Application

International Students must apply by mail. See instructions

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