Clinical Neurology Subinternship (N-102)


This elective provides a student with the opportuntity to function as a sub-intern on the neurology unit at Memorial Hospital. The unit has 20 to 25 beds, including a four-bed neuro-observation unit, and is designed for the diagnosis and treatment of patients with neurological complications of cancer. The student will admit and evaluate patients under the supervision of the neurology assistant resident and will be on call every third to sixth night. He/She will work under the direct supervision of the neurology assistant resident and attending neurologist and will participate fully in all of the attending rounds and conferences of both the Memorial Hospital and Weill Cornell Departments of Neurology.

Attending rounds are conducted seven times weekly by one of Memorial’s full-time attending neurologists. There are, in addition, daily meetings with the neuroradiologists to review the imaging tests of the preceding day and opportunities to attend weekly educational conferences such as Tumor Board and Weill Cornell Dept. of Neurology Ground Rounds. The sub-intern will have the opportunity to observe neuroradiological procedures performed on his or her patients, perform, under supervision, neurodiagnostic tests such as a lumbar puncture, attend family meetings, develop further communication skills in giving bad news, and meeting the needs of patients and families in the setting of primary and metastatic brain cancer.

Prerequisites Other than Third Year Rotations

Neurology clerkship


One module

Students per Module

Maximum of one

Elective dates (students applying through VSAS should refer to calendar information there)

A (July 5 - July 29) (Closed to international students)
B (August 1 - August 26) (Closed to international students)
C (August 29 – September 23 (Closed to international students)
D (September 26 - October 21)
E (October 24 - November 18)
F (November 21 - December 16)
G (January 3 - January 27)
H (January 30 - February 24)
I (February 27 - March 24) (Closed to international students)
J (April 3 - April 28)
K (May 1 - May 26)
L (May 29 - June 23) (Students must receive permission to apply from the Medical Student Coordinator prior to submitting an application)