Thank you for your interest in the School of Radiation Therapy. Here you will find:

  • Our online application. Please note that there is an application fee of $50 and the application deadline is March 1. Also be aware that the “Statement of Purpose” requires you to answer particular questions. (For information about applying for Federal student aid, and a free application, visit

    Entrance Exam & Interview

    All applicants are given an entrance examination and a maximum of forty (40) applicants, from among the top scorers, who attain a minimum of 75 percent overall average and a minimum average of 75 percent on the mathematics section of the exam, will be scheduled for the first round of interviews with the Admissions Committee. Students must also meet the standards on the attached Technical Standards for Admission form to be admitted.

    Criteria for Acceptance

    Applicants will be selected for admission based on entrance examination score, interview (s) with Admission Committee and Program Director, and a review of official school transcripts, application, and personal statement.

    How to Prepare for the Examination

    To prepare for the entrance examination, we suggest that you practice using the nursing school entrance examination preparation books that are available at bookstores. The entrance examination includes English skills, health science knowledge (including college-level anatomy and physiology), high school mathematics and an essay.

    Entrance examinations will be scheduled after the March 1 application deadline. You will not receive an acknowledgment of receipt of your application, but if you have any questions regarding the exam or the application process, please call us at 212-639-6835.