Memorial Sloan Kettering 60th Street Outpatient Center

Our 60th Street Outpatient Center provides a comfortable, supportive environment for patients receiving care from experts in dermatology (including Mohs surgery), general internal medicine, geriatrics, head and neck surgery, interventional radiology and general radiology, ophthalmic oncology, orthopedics, plastics and reconstructive surgery, men’s sexual and reproductive medicine, and pre-surgical testing.


16 East 60th Street

New York, NY 10022

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The facility is also home to several innovative skin cancer programs. Our multidisciplinary skin cancer management program provides specialized care for patients with advanced basal, squamous, and other skin cancers. We also offer a screening and surveillance program for people newly diagnosed with  melanoma and those who are at high risk for the disease.

If you require surgery, radiation therapy, or other treatments that are not provided at the outpatient center, you may receive care at one of our nearby locations. The doctors and healthcare professionals you meet at the 60th Street Outpatient Center will work closely with the rest of your MSK team to coordinate your care.

Comfortable waiting areas are available on each floor. The center is conveniently located near our inpatient hospital, and van service is available to take patients and caregivers to other MSK locations.