Memorial Sloan Kettering 64th Street Outpatient Center

The 64th Street Outpatient Center is an outpatient facility for patients receiving treatment for lymphoma, myeloma, and solid tumors of the head and neck. The building is also home to Memorial Sloan Kettering experts in endocrinology, and pain and palliative care.


205 East 64th Street

New York, NY 10022

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Our 64th Street location offers a supportive environment and is conveniently located near our main hospital. Private consultation rooms are located on four floors for you to meet with your doctor.

Patients needing chemotherapy for lymphoma, myeloma, or solid tumors of the head and neck receive treatments at the outpatient center. To make your experience as comfortable as possible, we have 17 private chemotherapy suites. Some chemotherapy treatments can take several hours, and you are welcome to bring friends and loved ones to help pass the time.

If you require surgery, radiation therapy, or other treatments that are not provided at the outpatient center, you may receive care at one of our other nearby facilities. The doctors and other healthcare professionals you meet at the 64th Street Outpatient Center will work closely with the rest of your Memorial Sloan Kettering team to coordinate your care.

The Outpatient Center also has a variety of support staff on-site — including social workers and financial services experts — to assist you.