Memorial Hospital Cafeteria


Our culinary team wants to change the conversation about “hospital food.” Memorial Hospital’s Cafeteria serves up meals that are both nutritious and tasty.

Patients and their loved ones can choose from healthy offerings on our salad bar, or enjoy a home-cooked meal from one of our hot-food stations. We also offer take-out meals for people on the go, as well as kosher meals and freshly prepared sushi. And whenever possible our ingredients are locally sourced.


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A Commitment to Fresh, Healthy Foods

We are committed to using the freshest, healthiest ingredients in the meals we serve. That’s one of the reasons why we received a Gold Star Award from the New York City Department of Health’s Healthy Hospital Food Initiative.

In the kitchen, our chefs are reaching for healthy fats like olive oil rather than saturated fats, herbs and spices rather than excess salt, and seasonal fruits and vegetables rather than canned, processed, or commercially prepared foods.

And each Monday we pack our menu with healthy vegetarian options as part of the Meatless Mondays initiative. That’s because research shows that eating plant-based foods at least once a week may help improve health by cutting saturated fat intake by 15 percent.

But we’re not just cooking differently, we’re buying food differently. Whether that means sourcing our sushi from fisheries that follow sustainable practices or purchasing low-sodium deli meats and locally farmed produce.