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500 Westchester Avenue West Harrison NY 10604
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MSK Westchester

Overview of MSK Westchester

MSK Westchester offers residents of New York’s Hudson Valley and Connecticut the same expert cancer care they expect from MSK, just closer to home. Patients can receive much of their treatment — including chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and radiation — at our West Harrison, New York, location.

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Virtual Tour of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Westchester

Take a virtual tour of our suburban outpatient location and hear from our doctors on the benefits of receiving care at MSK Westchester.
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Breast Cancer Surgeon Dr. Stephanie Downs-Canner, Nurse Skylar Parr, and Physician Assistant Luisa Godoy-Rosales in Hallway

At MSK Westchester, breast cancer surgeon Stephanie Downs-Canner (left), nurse Skylar Parr, and physician assistant Luisa Godoy-Rosales work as a team to provide the best care.


Head and Neck Oncologist Dr. James Fetten with Patient

Our medical oncologists, including head and neck cancer specialist James Fetten, make your compassionate treatment their top priority.


Services Offered

At MSK Westchester, nearby residents have easier access to MSK’s outstanding cancer care services, including:

Some of our services are available on Saturdays. Please ask your provider for more information.

Care Team

At Memorial Sloan Kettering, doctors, nurses, and other specialists work together on treatment teams for each patient. This means that your care team is highly experienced in caring for people with the type of cancer you have. In addition to your medical care, your team will also develop a plan to care for your total well-being, including support for your family and loved ones.

For most cancers, your treatment will be led by one or more primary doctors. These could include a medical oncologist, a surgical oncologist, a radiation oncologist, and, for some cancers, an interventional radiologist. Each of these doctors brings a defined set of expertise and techniques for treating cancer.

Learn about our care teams

Find a doctor at MSK Westchester

Medical Oncologist Dr. Parissa Momtaz Consults with Patient

Medical oncologist Parisa Momtaz cares for people with melanoma and gastrointestinal cancers.


Head and Neck Surgeon Dr. Ian Ganly Examines Patient

Head and neck surgeon Ian Ganly is an expert in minimally invasive surgery.


Take a look inside MSK Westchester

Neuro-oncologist Dr. Jacqueline Stone with Patient

Neuro-oncologist Jacqueline Strong specializes in caring for people with brain tumors and the neurologic complications of cancer.

Gynecologic Cancer Specialist Dr. Angela Green with Patient

Medical oncologist Angela Green is an expert in treating gynecologic cancers.

Thoracic Medical Oncologist Dr. Fernando Santini in Patient Consultation

Patients at MSK Westchester can access the latest immunotherapy, targeted therapy, and clinical trials through doctors like thoracic medical oncologist Fernando Santini.

Visiting MSK Westchester

Parking Information

Valet parking is available for all patients at MSK Westchester.

MSK CarePass

You will be given an MSK CarePass electronic badge when you arrive at MSK Westchester so you can sit wherever you feel comfortable. When your care team is ready for you, the badge allows our staff to easily find you.

Learn more about MSK CarePass

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