The Benefits of Therapeutic Design

Recognizing that a patient’s environment plays a key role in reducing anxiety and promoting healing, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center Basking Ridge was built to incorporate the latest principles in therapeutic design.

Most of the 26-acre site was left wooded to provide a peaceful and natural landscape. A garage and covered walkway allow patients to enter the facility without being exposed to adverse weather conditions, and the layout was carefully designed to reduce patients’ overall walking distances. The building’s attractive exterior, with its curved form and warm colors, offers a preview of the thoughtful interior design.

Oversized windows throughout the center bathe the space with daylight and provide comforting views of nature. The color palette emphasizes soothing, natural hues, and care was taken to ensure acoustic tranquility. Patients are also given control of their environment whenever possible; for example, they can easily adjust the temperature in their rooms.

Privacy is also a top priority — no gowned patients can be observed by other patients or visitors. In addition, medical equipment and devices are kept concealed from view to help minimize stressful visuals.

Many of these measures were incorporated with the direct input of patients and their family members, and clinical staff.