Air Travel Assistance

For patients and families needing assistance with air travel to Memorial Sloan Kettering, we suggest the following resources:

Corporate Angel Network

The Corporate Angel Network, a volunteer organization, is available to help you with free long-distance air travel to or from the hospital. There is no financial need requirement.

The Air Care Alliance

The Air Care Alliance lists many humanitarian air transport groups that provide free flights for patients with medical needs. This organization and its affiliates operate in most areas of the United States. Patients have no financial obligations.

Air Charity Network

Air Charity Network coordinates flights across the continental United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii for patients or caregivers in need. Flights are available through independent member organizations in specific locations.

Angel Flight, Inc.

The volunteers and pilots of Angel Flight offer charitable flights to patients traveling primarily to or from the heartland region of the United States. Angel Flight can also coordinate flights out of their targeted areas with other aviation organizations.

Angel Flight East

Angel Flight East organizes free air transportation for patients traveling in the Northeast, and for destinations beyond that, the nonprofit links up with other volunteer pilot organizations. Patients must submit a form to verify their financial needs.

Patient Airlift Services (PALS)

Patient Airlift Services arranges free air transportation throughout the Northeast, from Virginia to Maine, Ohio to Massachusetts. Passengers need to be ambulatory and have a financial and/or compelling need.