Coming to MSK — and NYC

Coming to MSK — and NYC

Flying into New York? Here's some important information about visiting NYC.

At Memorial Sloan Kettering’s main location in New York City, you’ll see world-renowned experts for state-of-the-art treatment. We’re at the forefront of cancer research, guaranteeing you access to the newest and most promising therapies. Our physicians and supportive staff work as a team to ensure that you get the best possible care.

MSK in New York City

There are five boroughs that make up New York City: Manhattan, the Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, and Staten Island. Our inpatient hospital and the vast majority of our doctors’ offices are in Manhattan. We also have a location in Brooklyn, plus others in Long Island and New Jersey.

Learn more about how to make your first appointment here.

How We’ll Support You

Traveling is stressful as it is. Traveling when you or a loved one has cancer is a whole other story. Managing the logistics of your travel and the emotional impact of a cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming. Our social workers are here to support you and help you find ways to cope. They also provide guidance around practical and logistical concerns such as exploring available resources for transportation and temporary housing.

Before you even arrive in New York City, we’ll help you get set up as an MSK patient. On MyMSK, our patient portal, you can get a head start on important forms for your care team as well as gather information about what to expect during your upcoming visits. You can also communicate with MSK through secure messaging and keep track of your appointments and other essential information here.

When it’s time for you to return home, we’ll be here for you as long as you need us. We offer virtual support groups for patients and caregivers so that you can stay in touch no matter where you are.

Getting Around NYC

We offer a free patient shuttle that will take you to and from various MSK facilities.

To get around New York City, many people find public transportation convenient and affordable. All you need to purchase is a MetroCard, which serves as your ticket.

Learn more about using the bus.

Learn more about using the subway.

Yellow taxicabs are another easy way to get around New York City. Their costs can add up quickly, but they will take you directly where you need to go. If you require a wheelchair-accessible taxicab, you can book one directly through Accessible Dispatch. You can call, text, or book online, and the cost is the same as it would be in any other taxicab.

Commuter trains take you in and out of New York City. Metro-North trains service the Bronx, Westchester, and Connecticut. New Jersey Transit services New Jersey. The Long Island Railroad services Long Island. Amtrak trains travel nationwide.

Manhattan has two major train stations: Grand Central Terminal, which houses Metro-North trains, and Penn Station, which is home to New Jersey Transit, Amtrak, and Long Island Railroad.

For driving directions to MSK, visit our Directions page.

Flying Here

The three closest airports to MSK are LaGuardia Airport and John F. Kennedy International Airport, both in Queens, and Newark Liberty International Airport in Newark, New Jersey.

Important Phone Numbers

For emergencies, dial 911.

For non-emergency NYC services, dial 311.

For directory assistance, dial 411.

For transportation and traffic information, dial 511.

For International Visitors

Visa Information

If you are traveling to the United States from another country, you may need to obtain a visitor visa. More information can be found here.

Currency Exchange

You’ll likely get a better rate if you exchange currency once you arrive in your destination country. Banks and ATMs usually offer better rates than currency exchange counters.

Guide to Tipping

In the United States, it’s customary to acknowledge good service with gratuity. Here are some suggestions for who to tip, and how much.

  • Restaurant servers: 15%-20% of the total bill
  • Bartenders: $1 per drink
  • Food delivery people: 10%
  • Taxi drivers: 15% of bill
  • Luggage attendants: $1 per bag
  • Parking attendants: $2-$5
  • Tour guides: 15%
  • Hotel housekeepers: $2-$5 per day

Top Attractions

We want you to enjoy your stay in the Big Apple. Here are some popular New York City destinations you may want to visit:

Disability Services

Our social workers and other staff members will do everything we can to ensure that your visit goes smoothly. If you need extra help, have a look at the many resources available through the Mayor’s Office for People with Disabilities.