MSK Compass

Map on iPhone

MSK Compass can help you find your way around MSK Westchester and Memorial Sloan Kettering’s David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care.

The MSK Compass app gives you step-by-step directions on your smartphone from your front door right to the MSK room you need. MSK Compass follows your progress inside our facilities using Bluetooth beacons, giving you spoken directions and visual landmarks to guide you every step of the way. Currently, MSK Compass is available at MSK Westchester and The David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care at Memorial Sloan Kettering.

You can also use MSK Compass to find our amenities — including valet parking, the café, coffee stations, and more — and to share your location with family and friends. If you self-park, MSK Compass can guide you back to your car.

MSK Compass is currently available for iPhone and Android devices, and in Spanish if that is your phone’s language setting. A desktop version is available if you prefer to print directions.

Download Mobile MSK Compass App at Apple App Store

Download the MSK Compass app from the Apple App Store.

Download Mobile MyMSK at Google Play for Android

Download the MSK Compass app for Android™ from Google Play.