Retail Pharmacy

MSK pharmacist

Our pharmacists work closely with your care team.

At MSK, we have most cancer medications in stock, including many that are not available at other pharmacies. Our pharmacy service is available just for MSK patients so that we can provide you with the best care. We accept most insurance plans.

Our Pharmacists

Our pharmacists are experts in managing medications for people with cancer. They also have full access to your medical record and can check for drug allergies and interactions. They work together with your care team to find the medications that are best for you.

Already a Patient?

We invite existing patients to call us for refill prescriptions.

Our Locations

We have ten convenient locations within New York and New Jersey:

Memorial Hospital at 67th Street
Haupt Pavilion, Room A105
Monday to Friday, to

Rockefeller Pavilion at 53rd Street
Third Floor, Room 352
Monday to Friday, to

Breast and Imaging Center at 66th Street
Third Floor, Room 302
Monday to Friday, to

Josie Robertson Surgery Center
For Surgical Patients Only
Monday to Friday, to

MSK Basking Ridge
Concourse Level, Suite 171
Monday to Friday, to

MSK at Bergen Retail Pharmacy
Concourse level, Room 1001
Monday to Friday, to

MSK Monmouth
Concourse Level, Room 1136
Monday to Friday, to

MSK Westchester
Concourse Level, Room 2204
Monday to Friday, to

MSK Commack
First Floor Lobby, Room 1401
Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM-

David H. Koch Center for Cancer Care
First Floor Lobby, Room 01-101
Monday to Friday, to

Specialty Pharmacy

We also have a specialty pharmacy that provides comprehensive and coordinated support and delivery services related to specialty medications.

MSK Specialty Pharmacy
Monday to Friday, to