MSK Student Seminar Series

MSK Student Seminar Series

Office of Faculty Development
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The Office of Faculty Development (OFD) at Memorial Sloan Kettering sponsors student talks and lectures pertaining to cancer and related topics. Students at all educational levels (college, high school, post-baccalaureate, medical school, graduate school) are welcome to attend one or more of these seminars. Our goal is to share the expertise of MSK faculty with students, communicate the excitement of cancer research, and create a learning environment for students and staff at MSK.

These student lectures are presented throughout the year and may be viewed either in person or on the MSK YouTube Channel; all are free and open to the public. If you have any questions or would like to be added to our mailing list, please contact us at [email protected] or 212-639-5732.

Upcoming Programs of the MSK Student Seminar Series

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VIDEO | 01:04
Language Barriers to Healthcare
Doctors may not always be fluent in a patient’s primary language. In this video, Dr. Diamond discusses language barriers to healthcare while highlighting available interpreting methods and her research on improving cancer care for patients with limited English proficiency. (Presented on 11/28/17)
VIDEO | 1:00:20
Memorial Sloan Kettering radiation oncologist Fumiko Chino
Financial Toxicity of Cancer Treatment: An Overview
In this talk on December 15, 2020, Dr. Chino discusses the financial impact of cancer treatment on survivors and proposes potential solutions.
VIDEO | 1:00:49
Cancer Immunotherapy: Using the Immune System to Treat Cancer
In this talk, Dr. Postow gives an update about the use of the immune system to treat cancer. (Presented on 10/14/20)
VIDEO | 58:55
Cutaneous Oncology: Skin Cancer Prevention and Treatment
In this talk, Dr. DeFazio and Dr. Chen of the Dermatology Service at MSK Hauppauge, discuss prevention and treatment of skin cancer. (Presented on 11/10/20).
VIDEO | 1:00:22
Fundamentals of Cancer Biology: Student Seminar
In this student seminar from 12/08/20, Dr. Ross Levine discusses fundamentals of cancer biology, including the scientific process of developing targeted therapies.
VIDEO | 1:00:03
Mental Health in the Cancer Center: Patients and Providers
In the student seminar on 12/01/20, Dr. Monique James discusses mental health in the cancer center among patients and providers, including issues that arise and how they are addressed.
VIDEO | 59:30
Language Barriers and their Impact on Health Care
In this talk, Dr. Diamond gives an update on language barriers and their impact on health care. (Presented on 11/17/20).
VIDEO | 1:00:50
Radiation Safety: Perspectives of a Nuclear Physicist
In this MSK Student Seminar on 11/24/20, Dr. Michael Bellamy of the MSK Department of Medical Physics talks about his work in occupational radiation safety.
VIDEO | 1:00:22
Louis P. Voigt
Student Seminar: Bioethics: Ethical Issues in Medicine
In this talk, Dr. Voigt, Chair of the MSK Ethics Committee, discusses ethical issues that arise in medicine. (Presented on 11/03/20)
VIDEO | 59:55
Understanding Financial Hardship Among US Cancer Survivors
In this talk given on October 27, 2020, Dr. Robin Yabroff, Senior Scientific Director of the American Cancer Society, discussed adverse financial sequelae of cancer treatment in the U.S.