How MSK Direct Works

Our comprehensive benefits program helps employees and their loved ones navigate cancer – from prevention through diagnosis and ongoing treatment – no matter where they are.

MSK Direct eliminates the need for your employees and their families to travel for expert cancer care.
With MSK Direct, patients can receive care from MSK remotely in collaboration with their local doctors or at our facilities in New York and New Jersey. Wherever they are, our world-class cancer experts will be by their side.

MSK Doctors

For all patients, on-site or remote

  • Accurate and comprehensive diagnoses and treatment plans
  • Continuous support from a dedicated MSK Direct team through their cancer journey
  • Personalized treatment planning and care
  • Access to the latest clinical trials*
  • Genomic testing through MSK’s proprietary test, MSK-IMPACT™**

* Dependent on availability and fit | ** If clinically appropriate

An MSK doctor consults with a patient

For on-site care at MSK facilities

  • Scheduling and expedited appointments through a dedicated team of Care Advisors and employer-specific phone lines
  • Gathering necessary medical records in advance of the initial appointment
  • Meeting at the initial appointment to provide support and introductions to their clinical team

A woman looking at a computer

For remote care, close to home   

  • Access to our proprietary tool to identify the best local hospital
  • Video conferencing and ongoing collaboration with both their local and MSK physician

US News Badge 2020

Ranked one of the top two cancer centers for 31 years running. Our longstanding leadership comes from our dedicated people, who bring unparalleled cancer expertise and compassionate care to every patient.

Learn about the MSK Difference

Better Care. Better Outcomes.
Working with MSK Direct delivers meaningful health outcomes and cost savings for both on-site and remote care, thanks to expert diagnosis and less invasive treatment plans.
A patient with a doctor
How an MSK Direct second opinion changed her life

After her local oncologist told her that chemotherapy was the only option, Anusha consulted MSK Direct. Within 48 hours, MSK experts identified her tumor as benign and developed a treatment plan that didn’t require chemotherapy after all.

Woman doing yoga

Health and wellness resources for all

MSK Direct provides industry-leading cancer prevention education, health and wellness resources, and screening programs to identify cancer early, when it’s easier to treat.

  • Personalized risk assessments
  • Care and support resources
  • Health equity education
A person reading prevention information on a tablet
Our cancer screening and prevention tool

Our proprietary cancer assessment tool evaluates risks and offers guidance on prevention for a range of common cancer types, including breast, colon, and skin cancers.

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