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To reduce the total burden of cancer, employers, unions, and health plans work with MSK Direct to provide comprehensive cancer care solutions and access to cutting-edge innovations for their cancer concerned populations. By leveraging access to on-site and remote services from Memorial Sloan Kettering, MSK Direct provides better value, lower costs, and superior outcomes. Learn more about MSK Direct’s value-based cancer care solutions for your employees or members – no matter where they live.

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Screening rates have plummeted, resulting in new cancer diagnoses sharply declining due to pandemic related delays. Join MSK Direct Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Bob Li and Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Oren Cahlon to discuss the importance of traditional screening approaches and exciting new biotech innovations to help detect cancer early, when it is potentially curable. Learn about the emergence of liquid biopsies and other technologies for early cancer detection.

Contact us to participate in this event at 11:00AM ET Thursday, September 30th


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Discover New Technologies for Early Cancer Detection with Dr. Bob Li.
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